Trending Technology’s Impact On Hardback Books

The BookCase Project is a resource site for articles on how technology is having an impact on hardback books, on bookshops, and on the publishing industry. English Language media throughout the globe is monitored every day for these articles and posted on the site. Also, articles and photos on bookcase designs and reviews of books are posted, too.
I think that electronic devices, such as E-Readers, may eventually do away with the original use of bookcases. As I searched in the media throughout the world for relevant trends, I found that bookshops, the publishing industry, and bookcase designs were being impacted, too. I began to post links on the decline of independent bookshops and the decline of hardback book sales in the publishing industry. A natural extension was to post the variety of bookcase designs available and to post current book reviews. These actions have received the most positive results. Although I have not abandoned my original goal of becoming an archival site of bookshelf photos posted by the public, that goal has been harder to attain. Nevertheless, I still would appreciate pictures of bookcases to post on this site.


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